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Traveling by coach is already proven to be the most eco-friendly mode of transport available, far better than planes, trains, and cars. What if we told you that Prospect Coaches are taking green to a new level?

We are an industry-leading company due to the efforts we are making to ensure that our activities make as little an impact as possible on our environment. Recent changes in the industry have introduced Clean Air Zones which are designed to improve the air quality in cities, such as Birmingham, without impacting on businesses. 

The measures are intended to tackle the most polluting vehicles, such as old buses, taxis, coaches and lorries, which are discouraged from entering Clean Air Zones due to charges. Private cars are not charged in the applicable cities. The measures only apply where the air quality problem is at its worst. Clean Air Zones reduce pollution in city centres and champion the replacement of old polluting vehicles with modern, cleaner alternatives. 

Prospect Coaches’ Sustainability Plan

Clean Air Zones will be fully operational by 2020. Prospect Coaches have already updated our fleet to current eco-friendly vehicles. Our replacement vehicles have been purchased in line with the future development of Clean Air Zones and our cleanest vehicles fall in line with Euro 6 standards. 

We have also been involved in the retro fitment of exhaust abatement equipment in a joint project with Dudley MBC. Ten Euro II and III vehicles have had exhaust systems fitted to reduce exhaust emissions to above Euro 5 standard.

The company has also had a coach wash installed which recycles 95% of the water used through intercept tanks and filter systems. Our current project is to install rainwater harvesting tanks supplement the additional water required for the coach wash and reducing the use of mains water further. We take care to utilise only biodegradable chemicals and source sustainable suppliers for oils, fuels and cleaning materials where practicable.

We will continue our efforts and develop our fleet in line with developments for all the planned clean air zones. Get in touch if you wish to find out more.

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