Why Travel By Coach?

Coach travel has surged in the past few years and it’s so easy to see why. Each one of us is becoming conscious of our carbon footprint, bank balance and our own safety amongst other things. So, if you’re wondering why you would benefit from coach travel, here are just a few reasons…


Why worry about complicated, unfamiliar road networks and confusing instructions from your satnav when you could jump on a coach instead? That way, all you have to do is make sure you arrive at your designated pick up point on time. You don’t need to keep stopping to check the map or rely on muddled directions from the passenger seat when your professional coach driver knows exactly where they are going at all times. Coaches present a comfortable travel option which gives you the rare opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view.


Coach travel is the perfect cost-effective alternative to making a journey by train or plane. Most of the time you have to book tickets months in advance or at the very last minute to get the best rates. Avoid the hassle and save yourself money by booking a coach.

Guaranteed seat

There’s nothing worse than boarding a bus or a train laden with suitcases only to find that there are no spare seats available, especially if you have a lengthy journey ahead of you. Booking with a coach company ensures that you have a guaranteed seat and plenty of space for any luggage in the hold. Booking as a group gives you peace of mind that there will be space to relax with friends.

No longer will you need to spend a journey standing holding onto a rail whilst pressed into someone else’s backpack, instead you will have plenty of space to play card games or catch up on some work using your laptop. Unlike buses and trains which make regular stops to exchange passengers, your coach is only likely to pick up in a couple of places and the people boarding the coach have a seat waiting for them.


Boarding a coach is a great way to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint. It’s simply common sense that a group of people who choose to travel by coach are kinder to the environment than those who prefer to travel individually in their own car. It’s also far more eco-friendly than flying abroad.


Riding in a coach is statistically safer than travelling by car. Your coach driver will be more familiar with road networks than the average driver, ensuring you travel to your destination safely.

If you’ve been inspired to try coach travel for yourself, why not contact your local coach operator today!