Why Hire a Coach to Get to the Airport?

Does the thought of cramming everything into the car, negotiating the route to the airport and paying for airport parking fill you with dread? It’s enough to make you consider the alternatives, one of which is an airport transfer by coach.

Save Yourself Some Holiday Money

By thinking ahead and booking a coach for your trip to the airport you can save yourself the cost and hassle of parking at the airport. That last-minute cheap flight could suddenly become very expensive if you have a vehicle to offload when you get to the terminal.

Start Your Holiday Early

Book a coach to the airport and start your holiday early. By sharing the cost of a coach with your family or friends you can avoid the inconvenience of shuttle buses and their consistent stopping and starting. Instead, the route your coach takes will be tailored to you and your fellow travellers only, which is perfect if you have kids who can get unsettled during long journeys.

Arrive in Plenty of Time

Your coach makes it easy to assemble everyone together before arriving at the airport. Everybody can travel in comfort and nobody has to worry about negotiating complicated road layouts because your driver knows their route, the terminal number and the all-important check-in deadline.

We can pick people up from the same place or en-route. As soon as the last pick up has been completed you can sit back and relax. Your driver will make sure everyone arrives at the same time and in plenty of time for the flight and you’ll have no need to make frantic, last-minute phone calls trying to track everyone down.

Ample Luggage Space

Coaches generally have a large hold for luggage which can be collected and loaded into the coach by the driver rather than crammed into the car.

Comfortable, Enjoyable Journey

If you’re not in the driver’s seat you can relax with your family or friends, play games, chat and make plans for your imminent adventure. Our air conditioned coaches are a delight to travel in and will ensure that everyone makes it through to check in.

Contrary to popular belief, coach hire doesn’t have to be expensive. The vehicle supplied will be the right size to accommodate your needs so there’s no need to pay over the odds. Spread between travellers, coach hire is generally cheaper than the combined costs of airport parking and fuel; what’s more your journey will be completely stress-free. Call today to travel in comfort with an experienced, friendly and DBS checked coach driver from Prospect Coaches.