Why Coach Travel is one of the Safest Modes of Transport

How many times are you held up on your morning commute or the journey to your UK holiday destination because there’s a crash on an A road or motorway? Very often, you’ll be held in a jam or forced to take a lengthy diversion. Cars account for almost 50% of accidents on road, rail and in the sky in Europe. 

So, what’s the alternative? 

Coach travel is widely regarded as the safest mode of transport, both in the UK and overseas. Vehicles are equipped with enhanced security features; At Prospect Coaches for example, we have fitted our coaches with Aloclock UK V3 Interlocks which prevent our coaches from being started by anyone who has even the smallest trace of alcohol on their breath. 

Drivers of our modern coaches are subjected to rigorous assessments and training which ensures that they are fully qualified and possess the level of experience required to operate a Prospect coach safely. This gives passengers peace of mind that they will travel in both safety and comfort. 

The Latest Technology

Our coaches are enhanced by the latest vehicle technology, which includes tracking and driver monitoring software. We know where our coaches are at all times, meaning we are able to provide our clients with real-time information and keep our services running on time. By monitoring our drivers’ techniques, we are able to identify whether attention or further training is required to ensure that all drivers are up to the standards expected of them.  

High Quality, Well Maintained Vehicles

Coaches have been designed to make long distance trips and transport large numbers of passengers. They are also subject to strict international regulations to make sure that they are ecologically and economically sound. The quality of vehicles has improved in recent years because it is vitally important to make sure that they are as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible. Coaches must be well maintained and serviced regularly in order to ensure that they are safe and up to date with the latest regulations. 

Professional Drivers

Coach drivers have to possess a Driver Certification of Professional Competence (CPC) certificate and they will also have acquired their PCV licence. As coach drivers very often transport groups of children, All of Prospect Coaches drivers are enhanced DBS cleared with Child Protection Level 1 training, giving parents peace of mind. 

Safety Solutions

In the coach industry, the safety of passengers is paramount. Much like riding in the car, you are expected to wear a seatbelt, protecting you from further harm in the event of an accident. Seating is ergonomically designed to ensure your comfort whilst travelling. 

Coaches display clear escape routes to passengers and publicise safety information to be followed when and where required. Some vehicles are fitted with CCTV cameras to protect the public and pinpoint any poorly behaved passengers when necessary. The tracking technology also ensures that we are fully aware of the position of every coach. In the unlikely event of an incident, the technology enables us to locate the coach so that aid can be dispatched quickly to the right location.

If you plan to travel by coach in the near future, why not get in touch with the team at Prospect Coaches?