Why Coach Travel is Making a Comeback

First popularised in the 1960s, coach travel became the norm when local firms started to organise trips to various destinations for families, enabling children to explore new places and experience the seaside for the first time. Coach travel fell out of favour in the 80s and 90s as airlines tempted travellers with cheap flights. 

You may recollect visions of trips to the seaside for fish and chips in classic ‘60s buses. Leaving much to be desired, the squeaky suspension and threadbare seats were just about bearable for short trips. Since the turn of the millennium, we have been rediscovering coach travel and the many benefits it offers.

Travel in comfort

Today’s coaches are a far cry from their predecessors; this, and the increasing awareness of green travel has enabled coach travel to regain popularity with the masses looking for affordable transport. Nowadays, you can benefit from a range of fantastic facilities, such as climate control, increased legroom, reclining seats, and even Wi-Fi. The interior of modern coaches has been reconsidered and redesigned, making sure that the interior is very inviting and makes a journey far more comfortable. 

Economical Transport

Coach travel remains an economical method of transport which means that hire rates are, therefore, very affordable, unlike air fares which can rise without warning. At Prospect Coaches, the price quoted for a coach journey takes your every requirement into consideration. There are no additional fees to contend with at any point. 


Air travel’s ability to produce large volumes of carbon dioxide per passenger makes travelling by aeroplane more harmful to the planet than by coach. Coach travel is also more economical than journeying by car; it is, in fact, the most economical method of travelling by road. Coaches are built to pass stringent emissions tests and are capable of accommodating more passengers per vehicle, reducing the potential carbon emissions. 

If you are local to Birmingham or surrounding areas of the Midlands, why not rediscover coach travel for yourself? Prospect Coaches possesses a fleet of over 50 coaches and offers an economical and eco-friendly alternative to most other forms of transport. You are welcome to contact us today and arrange travel for your group safe in the knowledge that our rates are competitive and our coaches very comfortable.