Coach Travel Myths Busted

Coach travel first became popular in the 1960s when coaches were a far cry from our contemporary luxury coaches; vehicles were basic and often uncomfortable to travel in for lengthy journeys. Today, we’re looking at the most common myths about coach travel and dispelling the misconceptions you might have. Travellers across the world are re-discovering the fantastic advantages that travelling by coach brings and we want to share them with you.

Coaches Are Not Uncomfortable

Coach travel in the 60s and 70s was a bumpy experience featuring poor quality seats and itchy fabric which left much to be desired. Modern coaches have luxurious reclining seats so you can enjoy a restful journey. You can make the most of generous legroom and luggage space both overhead and in the hold.

Drop down tables and pockets in seats allow us to keep our books, tech and refreshments close at hand, meaning we can enjoy our journey in whatever manner we please. The fleet at Prospect Coaches is fitted with free Wi-Fi, so you can browse the web, read your emails or even play games with the kids. All coaches are equipped with seatbelts, ensuring you can remain comfortable and safe throughout your journey. 

Seats in Coaches Are Not Cramped

Travelling regularly on public transport, including planes and trains, will have made you all too aware of how cramped the seating arrangements can be. Old fashioned coaches earned themselves a similar reputation back in the day.

In contrast, our modern coaches offer ample space for two people to travel comfortably side by side. There’s plenty of room for you to stretch your legs without having to mind the luggage under your feet as our coaches have plenty of on-board storage for you to take advantage of. Travelling by coach also has the added bonus that there’s no need to queue to store your luggage or fit it in-between you in a cramped car.

Traveling by Coach Is for everyone

Low-cost coach travel is a great way to get around, regardless of your age. Let’s be honest, people want the best value they can get for every penny and, though many people from all walks of life enjoy travelling on our coaches throughout the year, our coach travel service is designed for everyone. Prospect Coaches serve a large proportion of the communities across Birmingham, including schools, sports fans, wedding parties, group trips, business events etc. Everybody is welcome aboard our coaches.  

You’re Not Alone

Travelling by coach is a great opportunity to practice your social skills and communicate with your fellow passengers. You might have a travel buddy or be sitting alone, either way, your destination is something everyone has in common; it offers fuel to strike up a conversation and perhaps found a friendship which could last longer than you think.

Coaches Are Not More Expensive Than Taxis

When you’re in charge of booking transport for a larger group, hiring a coach will work out cheaper than multiple taxis because you can split the cost of a single vehicle amongst your group. Splitting the cost of a coach is cheaper than hiring a larger quantity of smaller vehicles.


A ride on a Prospect Coach will change your perspective of coach travel for the better. If you are planning a trip in the near future and would like to travel in comfort and style, get in touch with Prospect Coaches today!