Coach Hire for Your Prom Night

No longer is the prom an old-fashioned school disco, it’s now a glamourous annual event which presents students with the opportunity to go all out on an expensive dress or tuxedo, professional make-up artists, and stunning shoes. It doesn’t end there. Luxury transport to the prom is also in high demand - because a lift in Dad’s car simply won’t cut it.

Cut costs

Smart party-goers will hire an executive coach for the evening to ensure that everyone can make it to the prom on time and for a great price. After all, booking a limousine can be very costly but you can save money by hiring a coach and transporting double the number of passengers for less. Larger vehicles offer increased occupancy and enable more travellers to contribute to the bill, relieving the pressure on passengers. Travelling by coach leaves nobody behind and the money saved can go towards a striking suit, a beautiful dress, or help towards finding the perfect pair of shoes. If you’d prefer, you could even use it to save for something your child really wants, like their very first car.

Have more fun

When it comes to travelling on prom night, it’s a case of the more the merrier. Travelling together with a coach full of happy and very excited peers is so much fun. Whole friendship groups can travel collectively to share an experience which ends school days on a high and opens up the opportunity for new beginnings.

If you decide to hire a coach, your child will be able to celebrate the good times with those they have studied alongside for so many years. A big coach offers a lot more fun than a small limo and even travelling to prom can be part of the experience. When everyone arrives at the prom, the occasion is often marked with a photo of classmates dressed up by the coach which becomes a keepsake for many years to conjure memories of an amazing evening.

Travel safely

When travelling in small groups using multiple vehicles, you never know if everyone will arrive at the party safely and on time. A professional coach driver will make sure that everyone is collected and that they will travel together safely in a vehicle fitted with the latest safety equipment. Coach drivers at Prospect Coaches have undergone extensive training and they have years of experience behind the wheel, giving you complete peace of mind that your child will arrive safely.

Arrive on time

The strange stigma attached to being the first to arrive at a party can affect school proms by delaying when the celebrations can begin. Some will purposely arrive after everyone else so that they don’t have to wait for the party to start. When everyone arrives together by coach, the party can start straight away; nobody can be ‘fashionably’ late and nobody has to be the first to arrive.

Arranging lifts from the venue can mean that chaperones have to wait around with students whose transport hasn’t arrived. Organising a coach means that everyone can board together and return safely to school where parents are waiting.

Show you care

Coach travel is widely recognised as the most eco-friendly form of transport available. Hopping onto a coach means that less fuel will be used per passenger when compared with travelling in separate vehicles, making travelling together the responsible, eco-friendly choice.

Prom night is all about making amazing memories. If you are thinking of hiring a coach for your child and their friends this summer, make Prospect Coaches your first port of call. We have an extensive fleet of modern, comfortable coaches available to suit your every requirement.

Contact us today and we’ll help to make sure that your child enjoys a night filled with happy memories.