Coach Hire for Your Christmas Party

As the dark nights are drawing in and the pavements are scattered with crisp, golden leaves, everyone’s attention is turning to the season’s festivities and your employees are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing better than planning and looking forward to the annual Christmas party and everybody enjoys the rare opportunity to let their hair down.

No delayed trains

One thing which does plague the annual night out is transport woes. Once it gets to a certain hour and the last trains start leaving the station, people begin checking their watches and second guessing how long it will take to reach the platform if they leave in 10 minutes. Who wants their staff worrying about how they will get home from the Christmas party?

No late taxis

At Christmas time, people scurry around the town and city centres making last minute purchases, restaurants book up quickly and everybody seems to be out and about. Inevitably, the traffic gets heavier and taxi firms barely have time to pick up the phone. Who wants to ring a taxi to be told they can’t be collected for another two hours?

Simple, stress-free travel

Nobody wants tales of the Christmas party to be intertwined with stories of being stuck waiting for a train and almost missing the festivities. Remember, coach travel isn’t just for holidays and school trips, Prospect Coaches are here to make transport simple and stress-free all year round.

Spacious, air-conditioned vehicles

Dark nights, cold weather and public transport can be a recipe for delays. If everybody boards a coach at the same place and time, it’s far more convenient for everybody and it’s less likely that people will arrive late to the party. It’s so easy to hire a coach; it doesn’t matter how many people need to board, Prospect Coaches have a fleet of spacious, air-conditioned vehicles ready to meet your needs.

Safe, convenient service

When travelling to the Christmas party by coach, people can relax and socialise with colleagues. They don’t need to worry about being late or finding somewhere to park, the experienced driver will define the route and they are responsible for making sure everyone travels and arrives safely. Not only is coach travel cheaper than hiring multiple taxis, nobody has to take the risk of travelling by themselves.

If you are in charge of planning this year’s Christmas party, do your colleagues a favour and book a coach with Prospect Coaches. We’ll collect you from a meeting point you define, take you to the venue and return to collect everyone when needed, all for a reasonable price. To find out more, why not get in touch today?